Ski en USA - Washington

Guide de la Station de Ski Mount Baker

Ski en USA - Washington

Guide de la Station de Ski Mount Baker

Guide de la Station de Ski Mount Baker

Artist Point, Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Grannies Ridge, Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Baker, Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Mt Baker, Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Mount Shukson, Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Mount Baker photo

Mount Baker

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Statistiques de Descentes

  • 1551m

  • 484m

  • 1067m

  • Hectares de piste:1000
  • Pistes:71
  • Canons à neige:-
  • Halfpipes:1
  • Snowpark:2
  • Ski de fond:4 km
  • Débutant15%
  • Moyen25%
  • Avancé60%

Mount Baker, in the United States (Washington State), is a medium sized ski resort with 11 ski lifts that offers skiers a respectable 484 metres (1589 feet) of vertical descent. Mount Baker has 1000 acres of terrain over 71 trails. Mount Baker is best suited to advanced and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. There are 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of cross country ski trails at Mount Baker. For snowboarders, there are one or more terrain parks and a half pipe. The nearest airport is at Seattle.


  • Aéroport le plus proche:Bellingham
  • Gare la plus proche:-
  • Site Officiel du
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:-
  •   -
  •   -

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:15 Dec 2019
  • Fermeture de la saison:19 Apr 2020
  • Lifts:11 (8 chairs, 3 surface lifts)
  •   -
  •   3

Dernier Bulletin de Neigevoir bulletin de neige complet

  • émis:24 Jan
  • Dernière Chute de Neige:24 January 2020
  • Profondeur de Neige (supérieure):
  • Profondeur de Neige (inférieure):
  • Piste:Packed powder or groomed snow
  • Hors-Piste:-

Météo d'Aujourd'hui (1309 m)voir prévision de neige complète

neige légère
20 SSE20
1 °CNiveau-Gel
neige modérée
15 SW15
0 °CNiveau-Gel
neige légère
15 SSE15
0 °CNiveau-Gel

Stations de ski proches de Mount Baker:

Cartes de Localité de Mount Baker

Mount Baker Location Map

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Mount Baker

ccfunker de United States écrit:

Mt Baker is an enigma. When it's good, you can't beat it. When it's bad, don't go. If someone is planning on a trip to Mt. Baker (like, flying in), don't plan on it being either good or bad. It's all about the weather (obviously), and in some cases, it's like rolling the dice.
Because Mt. Baker is so close to the Pacific ocean, it can be tricky to figure out when to go. The average temp in the north Pacific can be 'warm' and this affects the jet stream (if you don't know what a jet stream is, stop reading and go somewhere else). When there is a bulge in the jet stream near the Gulf of Alaska, and if that stream is sitting off to the west of the NW coast as it comes down, it means the systems hitting the NW will be cold and full of moisture. Why Mt Baker gets so much snow is this: as the systems come in, they are rotating counter-clockwise. Even though the system may be coming from the north, the moisture will be moving SW to NE because of rotation. When this moisture arm hits the Kulshan ridge, where the MB Ski resort is, it has to dump moisture to lift. These moisture arms are funnelled between Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan. Kulshan ridge sits perpendicular to these moisture arms, and hence, the big snows that Baker gets. So if you go to Baker, you really have to watch the conditions.
Generally, getting to Baker even from Seattle is a long drive and if you go and conditions suck, that's no good. On the weekends: Mt. Baker is kinda crowded, like any west coast ski resort on any weekend. Additionally, there is no lodging on the mountain and you may not have cell-phone reception. The lodges are nice and the food is decent but not great.
The runs are fun but pretty short. One thing about the runs: if it is a double black diamond, they mean it. Only go if you are an expert. Quite a few runs on Baker are short but intense. To my knowledge, there are few runs at Whistler that are as challenging. Baker is not a great place to learn. If you are learning how to ski or snowboard, go to Snoqualmie Summit near Seattle. The terrain here is much flatter.
If you ever do want to go to Baker, check the weather in Bellingham first. If it's under 45 degrees with rain, there is a good chance the conditions will be right. Mt Baker snow quality is entirely dependant on how cold it gets. Near 32 degrees, not so good, but if it's 25 or under, the composition of the snow will change and it will be a bit drier.

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city forecastsPrévisions de villes
proches de Mount Baker

  • Bellingham, United States49km
  • Mount Vernon, United States56km
  • Abbotsford, Canada62km
  • Maple Ridge, Canada72km
  • White Rock, Canada76km

surf forecastSpots de surf
les plus proches de Mount Baker

  • Fort. Ebey, United States94km
  • Ambleside Park, Canada114km
  • Super green, United States131km
  • Elwha, United States147km
  • Crescent, United States156km

mountain forecastsCrêtes de montagne
les plus proches de Mount Baker

  • Mount Baker, United States0km
  • South Twin Sister, United States15km
  • North Twin Sister, United States16km
  • Twin Sisters Mountain, United States16km
  • Mount Shuksan, United States17km

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