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Guide de la Station de Ski Kurodake

Bowl above chairlift, Kurodake photo


Crédit photo: Joel O'Rourke

Tram Top, Kurodake photo


Crédit photo: Joel O'Rourke

Statistiques de Descentes

  • 1550m

  • 880m

  • 670m

  • Hectares de piste:-
  • Pistes:2
  • Canons à neige:-
  • Halfpipes:No
  • Snowpark:-
  • Ski de fond:-
  • Débutant70%
  • Moyen20%
  • Avancé10%

Kurodake (meaning Black Mountain) rises up above Sounkyo town in north central Hokkaido. The area forms part of the Daisetsuzan National park and is home to Hokkaido's tallest mountains. Along with skiers, the resort area also attracts a large number of sightseers who visit to see the impressive Sounkyo gorge, spectacular mountain scenery and the town's annual winter ice festival. The ski area only has two lifts; the first is the Kurodake ropeway which ascends approximately 600m above the valley floor up to 1300m. This is the steepest and most heavily forested portion of the mountain but if you look for it, there are some incredible lines to be had through this zone. There is one semi-marked run from the top of the ropeway to the valley but it is not groomed. Route finding can be difficult as there are many unmarked hazards, no avalanche control and no ski patrol. If you choose to ride the ropeway, please ride with caution and select your route carefully. Above the ropeway, there is a short, double chairlift which ascends a much lower angle slope than the ropeway up to 1560m and offers two groomed piste runs along with access to a mellow powder bowl. Given the nature of this resort, everything outside of its 2 groomed pistes should be considered backcountry terrain and treated with the appropriate respect. If you are uncomfortable accepting these risks on your own, please contact one of the local guiding companies to help you safely explore the area.


  • Aéroport le plus proche:-
  • Gare la plus proche:Kamikawa
  • Tél. Office de Tourisme:01658-5-3031
  • Site Officiel du Tourisme:www.rinyu.co.jp/
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:-
  •   -
  •   -

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:
  • Fermeture de la saison:
  • Lifts:2 (1 chairlift, 1 ropeway)
  •   -
  •   1

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Black Mountain Lodge opening party Nov. 21-23.

Informations fournies 15 Nov 2009

Dernier Bulletin de Neigevoir bulletin de neige complet

  • émis:2 Apr
  • Dernière Chute de Neige:2 April 2020
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15 SSE15
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neige modérée
15 S15
2 °CNiveau-Gel

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Stations de ski et sommets de montagnes aux alentours de Kurodake

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