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Guide de la Station de Ski Méribel (Meribel)

Meribel Valley- Trois Vallées (France), Méribel photo


Crédit photo: Travelfreak

Above Sanglier - Meribel, Méribel photo


Crédit photo: John Aivss

Above the Altiport in Meribel, Méribel photo


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After the snow stopped, Méribel photo


Crédit photo: Chalet Vache Bleue

Mottaret, Méribel photo


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Meribel, Méribel photo


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Meribel Summit, Méribel photo


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David Andre, Méribel photo


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David Andre, Méribel photo


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Statistiques de Descentes

  • 2952m

  • 1500m

  • 1452m

  • Hectares de piste:1337
  • Pistes:63
  • Canons à neige:53%
  • Halfpipes:1
  • Snowpark:2
  • Ski de fond:33 km
  • Débutant15%
  • Moyen35%
  • Avancé50%

Situated at the heart of the 3 Vallées, Meribel is famed for its picturesque wooden chalets and friendly family atmosphere. Americans certainly prefer Meribel; the village attracts a third of all U.S. winter visitors to France. The village has 41 ski lifts in its immediate area to serve 63 groomed ski runs that total 150 kilometers. One of the most popular and famous run in Meribel is the Combe Vallon which can be found on the 2952 meter high Mont Vallon. The off-piste in Meribel is second to none with vast amounts easily accessible from the lifts. The interconnected resorts share 600 km of terrain and 167 lifts which makes the 3 Vallées the largest ski area in the World.


  • Aéroport le plus proche:Megève or Lyon
  • Gare la plus proche:Moutiers
  • Tél. Office de Tourisme:+33479086001
  • Site Officiel du Tourisme:www.meribel.net
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:oui
  •   110
  •   -

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:
  • Fermeture de la saison:
  • Lifts:41
  •   14

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Stations de ski proches de Méribel (Meribel):

Cartes de Localité de Méribel

Méribel Location Map

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Méribel

Baz de United Kingdom écrit:

Been coming to 3v a long time, and am usially in Meribel Valley a lot for skiing. I don't stay there as i"m in Belleville Valley accomm. But always had a 3v pass as i do this year. I used to love the snowparks in Meribel Valley. Back in the day it used to have 2 great high standard parks, with Moon Park and the one that became Area 43 above Mottaret. This is what you should be able to find in a world class resort. Unfortunately, it seems Meribel have decided to give up on catering for this market in a meaningful way. Moon Park became nothing more than rollers a while ago, and this year Area 43 has gone, and all that's left is a line of small kickers. The XL line that used to have 3 consistently well shaped huge jumps and sometimes some other large feature depending on volumes of snow, is gone. It has been replaced by some amateur-hour shaping of a maybe 10m kicker. It really is poor, the take offs are not in tune with the gradients of the landings so impact on landing is way heavier than it needs to be, even for a relatively small air like this one. You got less thump from the airtimes that were 3 or 4 times the size before. It really is a let down if you like park skiing. My suggestion would be go somewhere else if this is what you like doing. Val T is still generally worth a look in this dept, but Austria really seems to be the place for this now. Sad, because France really used to excel for the freeski crew.

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city forecastsPrévisions de villes
proches de Méribel

  • Chambery, France55km
  • Aix-les-Bains, France63km
  • Annecy, France68km
  • Aosta, Italy69km
  • Saint-Martin-d'Heres, France69km

surf forecastSpots de surf
les plus proches de Méribel

  • Acque-Calde (Savona), Italy191km
  • Le Port, France192km
  • Varazze, Italy192km
  • Baie du Soleil, France193km
  • Finale Ligure, Italy194km

mountain forecastsCrêtes de montagne
les plus proches de Méribel

  • Sommet de la Saulire, France2km
  • Mont du Borgne, France9km
  • Aiguille de Peclet, France11km
  • Pointe de la Masse, France12km
  • Roc des Saints Peres, France12km

Stations de ski et sommets de montagnes aux alentours de Méribel (Meribel)

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