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Guide de la Station de Ski Antillanca

Ski en Chile

Guide de la Station de Ski Antillanca

Guide de la Station de Ski Antillanca

Vista desde El Araucano, bajando el Haique, Antillanca photo


Crédit photo: Daniel Contreras

Observando el Caulle, Antillanca photo


Crédit photo: percy Aguila

Antillanca cubierta de circones photo


Crédit photo: paulo aguila

Pista don pedro, Antillanca photo


Crédit photo: claudio

Hotel Antillanca photo


Crédit photo: MARIO AGUILA

Statistiques de Descentes

  • 1700m

  • 464m

  • 1236m

  • Hectares de piste:2471
  • Pistes:11
  • Canons à neige:-
  • Halfpipes:1
  • Snowpark:-
  • Ski de fond:5 km
  • Débutant20%
  • Moyen35%
  • Avancé45%

Antillanca in Chile (in the Southern region) is a small ski resort with just 5 ski lifts (1 chair lifts, 4 surface lifts ) but it does boast a respectable 464 metres (1523 feet) of vertical descent. Antillanca has 2471 acres of terrain over 11 pistes with a total length of 35 kilometers (22 miles). Antillanca is best suited to advanced and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. There are 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of cross country ski trails at Antillanca. For snowboarders, there is a half pipe. The nearest airport is at Santiago.


  • Aéroport le plus proche:Santiago
  • Gare la plus proche:-
  • Tél. Office de Tourisme:5664235114
  • Site Officiel du
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:-
  •   2
  •   2

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:15 Jun 2019
  • Fermeture de la saison:13 Oct 2019
  • Lifts:5 (1 chair lifts, 4 surface lifts )
  •   -
  •   1
  •   4

Dernier Bulletin de Neigevoir bulletin de neige complet

  • émis:10 Jan
  • Dernière Chute de Neige:10 January 2019
  • Profondeur de Neige (supérieure):
  • Profondeur de Neige (inférieure):
  • Piste:-
  • Hors-Piste:-

Météo d'Aujourd'hui (1468 m)voir prévision de neige complète

20 W20
7 °CNiveau-Gel
25 W25
4 °CNiveau-Gel
25 W25
8 °CNiveau-Gel

Stations de ski proches de Antillanca:

Cartes de Localité de Antillanca

Antillanca Location Map

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Antillanca

Jan Gazdík de Czech Republic écrit:

I work in Antillanca as a ski/snb instructor all the 2015 season. I had all the best and worst things from Chilean Patagonia. Center is not very big but it has nice pistes of difficulties between green and red level. Haique is a nice FIS certified red slope; races are organized here very often. Cerro Haique is also a nice start point for slack-country slopes called El Lobo and Araucano. Both are nice; fast and long but not very steep runs with plenty of space. From the top of Don Pedro lift you can enjoy a great view of Volcan Osorno, Volcan Puntiagudo and Volcan Puyehue. It's also a gaze to Antillanca backcountry: Cerro Mirador (30 minutes ski-touring) and Crater of Casablanca (about two hours skinning). Great views with mostly good snow; Casblanca run is great fun but backcountry is much bigger. As almost everywhere in Chile, you can spend a couple of days camping and ski-touring. I love this place! Bad things? Only one: difficult and unstable weather. It rains very often during the season. Sometimes rains a couple of days with no skiable window. Puelche Wind can be pretty strong too. Yes, this is Patagonia and when Pachamama enters the game, everybody just waits (and write internet comment like me now). Highly recommended but always check weather forecast first! Chilenos disculpen por favor, Español es mi lengua preferida,pero la idea es a ayudar a viajeros de otros países,ustedes saben que pasa aquí!

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