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Guide de la Station de Ski Alagna

Rifugio Guglielmina, Italy, Alagna photo


Crédit photo: Allimac

Alagna Passo Salati photo


Crédit photo: Tiziano

Punta Indren, Alagna photo


Crédit photo: Tiziano

Statistiques de Descentes

  • 2970m

  • 1759m

  • 1211m

  • Hectares de piste:30
  • Pistes:6
  • Canons à neige:60%
  • Halfpipes:0
  • Snowpark:0
  • Ski de fond:10 km
  • Débutant20%
  • Moyen30%
  • Avancé50%

Alagna is located on the east side of the huge ski area called Monterosa Ski, which connects the valleys surrounding the Monte Rosa massif (Antagnod, Brusson, Champoluc and Gressoney La Trinite). Alagna has huge on and off-piste descents that are what skiing here is all about, and if the lift area doesn't offer enough, Alagna has heli-skiing that can provide 3000m or more of vertical. Lift info: info@monterosa-ski.com, website: www.monterosa-ski.com


  • Aéroport le plus proche:Milan Malpensa
  • Gare la plus proche:Varallo Sesia
  • Tél. Office de Tourisme:+39 163 922988
  • Site Officiel du Tourisme:www.alagna.it
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:3
  •   5
  •   10

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:21 Dec 2020
  • Fermeture de la saison:25 Apr 2021
  • Lifts:6 (2 cable cars,1 chair lift, 2 surface lift)
  •   0
  •   1
  •   2

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Annonces & Nouvelles du directeur de Station de Alagna

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Thanks to the excellent snow conditions, Alagna postpone the closure of the lifts

from April the 19th to May the 11th Lifts will work from Friday to Monday with 2 runs in the morning and 1 in the afternoon

Tickets cost € 20

Informations fournies 14 Jan 2009

Dernier Bulletin de Neigevoir bulletin de neige complet

  • émis:2 Dec
  • Dernière Chute de Neige:2 December 2020
  • Profondeur de Neige (supérieure):
  • Profondeur de Neige (inférieure):
  • Piste:-
  • Hors-Piste:-

Météo d'Aujourd'hui (2091 m)voir prévision de neige complète

-5 °CNiveau-Gel
neige modérée
-8 °CNiveau-Gel
neige forte
-7 °CNiveau-Gel

Stations de ski proches de Alagna:

Cartes de Localité de Alagna

Alagna Location Map

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Alagna

Noboru Kawai de Japan écrit:

I have become a regular visitor to Alagna and Monterosa Ski. For off-piste and day ski-touring, I normally work with a local guide for the sake of both efficiency of time use and overcoming sometimes demanding technical manoeuvrers (like entry into the Lost Valley or Malfatta run). I also regularly ski on the other side of the big mountain range in Swiss (Zermatt-Saas Fee). Compared with the other side, this Alagna side does not offer spectacular scenery. But the availability of big bowls, which are not over-worked, and long highly slippery descents on-piste and many other on-piste and off-piste features make you a repeater. 2019 has been a dry season but I gather that 2019 has been an exception. Check live web images. By the way, with the current set up of lifts, Alagna-Champoluc is about 100-120 min one way (not on school holidays, though). You come back as late as possible and get the final downward piste skiing from Saltati to Alagna (c.1800m vertical) with few other skiers. Stop at a bar towards the end but still a few slippery slopes to go thereafter. A wine bar in Alagna is also highly recommended for hospitality and for the selection of wine (local Gattinara wine, especially, as it is difficult to get them once you leave the region).

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city forecastsPrévisions de villes
proches de Alagna

  • Biella, Italy34km
  • Verbania, Italy48km
  • Aosta, Italy50km
  • Sion, Switzerland62km
  • Aeroporto della Malpensa, Italy67km

surf forecastSpots de surf
les plus proches de Alagna

  • Voltri, Italy171km
  • Cogoleto, Italy172km
  • Multido (Genoa), Italy174km
  • Varazze, Italy177km
  • Acque-Calde (Savona), Italy180km

mountain forecastsCrêtes de montagne
les plus proches de Alagna

  • Monte Tagliaferro, Italy4km
  • Corno Bianco, Switzerland5km
  • Dufourspitze, Switzerland8km
  • Monte Rosa, Italy8km
  • Nordend, Switzerland8km

Stations de ski et sommets de montagnes aux alentours de Alagna

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