Mad River Glen Resort Guide

The Mad River Glen resort summary is: Mad River Glen has 4 lifts within its 46 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 621m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 45 trail at Mad River Glen.

Photo Credit: Snow Forecast AdminMad River Glen  Guide de la station

Mad River Glen Resort Guide

The Mad River Glen resort summary is: Mad River Glen has 4 lifts within its 46 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 621m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 45 trail at Mad River Glen.

Vertical :

Sommet : 1109m
Pied : 488m

Meilleure pour :

Avancé skieur de niveau
Niveau intermédiaire/



Hectares de ski :

Fabrication de neige : 5%

Mad River Glen Remontées :

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Remontées totales = 4
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Mad River Glen Caractéristiques

Le terrain de Mad River Glen inclut ::

  • Halfpipes
  • Snowpark
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À quoi ressemble la station Mad River Glen ?

Mad River Glen offers a great deal of skiing on General Stark Mountain that is strictly off-limits to snowboarders. With an enviable 250 inches of annual snowfall the home to the last surviving single chair lift in the US prides itself on the high proportion of steeper runs (20 out of 45 pistes are blacks!) the season at Mad River Glen is typically mid-December through early April. There are 800 acres of boundary to boundary off-piste access. Mad River Glen is located in central Vermont’s picturesque, Mad River Valley and is only a 3-mile drive from the Sugarbush Resort.

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Mad River Glen météo en direct

Complexe touristiqueProfondeur de NeigeTemp. (°C)Vent (km/h)Météo
Remontée au sommet: 
rain showers
Remontée intermédiaire: 
rain showers
Remontée en bas: 
rain showers

Quel est le mois le plus enneigé pour aller à Mad River Glen ?

févrierMoyenne: 4.3 jours de neige par semaine
La semaine la plus enneigée à Mad River Glen est la semaine 1 de février. Il y a généralement 4.3 jours de neige cette semaine avec une épaisseur de 27cm . Consultez les graphiques de l’historique de la neige à Mad River Glen ci-dessous.

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Mad River Glen

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Bill Tarkulich de United States écrit:

I tell ya, the "Ski it if you Can" moniker sure scares away most novices and intermediates. Perhaps that was the case before they started grooming and making snow, but it's no longer the case. I've been skiing here for over 20 years, and have skied pretty much every place in New England, so I can fairly compare things.

I can go out any day and find beautiful, long, well-groomed green and blue trails that are packed down, not bumped up, icy or bare. Their grooming compares favorably with the big boys, Sugarbush, Mt. Snow, Stowe or even Stratton. The list goes on. Their grooming equipment is modern and goes out every night. I've taken fraidy-cat beginners, progressing intermediates and solid intermediates out and had an absolutely fun day. Not exhausting, not scary, not relentless. Go check out the "birdland" area of blues and greens. The hot shots stay out of them, the scenery is simply stupendous and you've got the trails to yourself. No worries about getting creamed.
Well, you say, "their lifts are slow". True dat, but for good reason. It simply limits the number of people on the hill at any point in time. You can leisurely wind your way down any of these trails at ease, they are safe and clear. I'll give you that the trails are not "boulevards" like Stowe, Stratton, etc, but they are plenty wide; follow the countours of the mountain and just make for one photo shot after another. You don't need big wide trails when you've got the trail to yourself.

Sure, there's plenty of very challenging stuff, especially black diamonds and the woods, and you'll see a fair share of these hot shots there. Fine with me, keeps them off the easier stuff.

The shareholders are a diverse lot, but the one thing they have in common is their love of skiing. Lots of folks trying new things like telemark, or sticking with their 1970's skis, and a noticeable number of folks in their 70's and 80's are always out for a couple hours every day.

And if you ski hard, even on groomers, you won't mind the longer lift ride to rest. The fixed-grip lifts have a special feature - they are reliable and lower to the ground and require less all-around clearance, so when you can't ski other places because of lift holds, go to MRG. They almost never have a lift hold. Lift lines you only see on "powder days", or mid mornings on the weekends. Any time else, it's ski on lift service.

Things off-slope are simpler here - parking is not an ordeal, the cafeteria is simple but complete, you can always find a seat, the bar and restaurant are "cozy" but very picturesque and friendly. Local music on the weekends. But everyone is here to ski.

Many call it "retro" and think "behind the times". Not so. The folks are just not caught up in the latest ski gear, bragging rites or the party scene. MRG has everything you need to have a delightful day on the slopes.

Forget the thoughts of extreme skiing. Get here before it gets discovered!

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