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Prévisions de Neige pour Mauna Kea

  • Prévisions pour Mauna Kea 2 m altitude émis: 1 am26 Apr 2017 (heure locale)
Ski en USA - Hawaii

Prévisions de Neige pour Mauna Kea

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Jours 0-3 Mauna Kea Résumé Météo:

Pluie lourde (total 29.0mm), plus lourde pendant Ven soir. Chaud (max 30°C le Mer matin, min 21°C le Mer soir). Le vent sera généralement léger.

Jours 4-6 Mauna Kea Résumé Météo:

Pluie lourde (total 35.0mm), plus lourde pendant Dim après-midi. Chaud (max 27°C le Sam matin, min 18°C le Lun soir). Le vent sera généralement léger.
mercredi 26jeudi 27vendredi 28samedi 29dimanche 30lundi 1
Vents (km/h)
10 E10
10 E10
10 SSE10
5 E5
10 E10
5 SSE5
5 NE5
5 NE5
5 SSW5
5 N5
5 NW5
5 SW5
5 WNW5
10 WNW10
5 S5
15 W15
20 W20
10 SW10
Sommairebeauaversesaversesbeauaversesaversesrisk thun- derrisk thun- deraversesqq nuagesaversesaversesaversespluie mod.averseslégère pluiepluie mod.averses
Carte de Neige
T namerica snow sum26.cc23
T namerica snow sum27.cc23
T namerica snow sum28.cc23
T namerica snow sum29.cc23
T namerica snow sum30.cc23
T namerica snow sum01.cc23
Neige cm
Pluie mm
Max °C
Min °C
Niveau de gel (m)420042504300420041504100405040003900400041004100400040503900375037504050
Mauna Kea freezing level scale
snowy slopeMauna Kea freezing level
Lever du soleil5:56--5:54--5:54--5:54--5:52--5:52--
Coucher du soleil-6:43--6:43--6:44--6:44--6:44--6:45-

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Commentaires de Visiteurs de Mauna Kea

Dean Reinking de United States écrit:

Well, at one time there was a ski patrol on Mauna Kea..back about 1978. It originated from Dr. Pete Bostwick, myself (Dean Reinking, LPN) as the two members who lived in Hilo (on the Big Island). The other members came from Oahu: One was a female physician, a female RN, and a Lt. Commander (his wife) serving at Pearl Harbor. We took, on loan, The Hawaii Red Cross 4wd transport truck, Dr. Pete Bostwick's 4wd, and a rented 4wd along with an aluminum evac' sled and trained on the slopes nearest the UH Observatory. We spent a long weekend up there (a couple of times) staying in the old field stone scouting house (no longer there). It was very cozy as there were several bunkbeds, a picnic style table, a stove heater, and a kerosene cooking stove. The training with the evac' sled was tricky to say the least...lot's of snow-plowing, turns, etc., but we managed quite well. We took refresher first aid courses courtesy of the physician and RN. The unfortunate thing was our timing in getting this training event weekend prior to our session, a female had lost her life while "intertubing" down one of the steepest cones...she met her untimely demise after hitting a rock outcropping at the bottom of the "bowl" headfirst and actually bounced up further up the outcropping hitting a second time...that's how fast you can get moving...out of control.. The accident site was clearly evident and gave us a good reminder of what to expect. The Mauna Kea Ski Patrol last but two years as members departed on their professional paths. We had an enjoyable time while training. We were pretty exhausted at day's end. While on "unpaid duty," we treated several hypothermia cases (young kids with nothing but slippers on and light jackets...not wise); we dug out several snow-bound, stuck vehicles....try shoveling snow at 13,000+ elevation...I was lucky to be in good shape from running marathons, etc. I sure wish I could locate these former members...I believe I still may have a list of their names...I'll look. As far as I know (or anyone else for that matter), we were the first and only "official" Mauna Kea Ski Patrol...I still have our tag w/emblem. We weren't the first pioneers though. I believe the first individual to ski Mauna Kea was a man from Waimea named "Dick" Tilletson (sp.?) somewhere in and around 1953. "Dick" had to actually climb from down below up to the top as there were no real roads (so to speak) back then....he's the real pioneer....the members of the Mauna Kea Ski Patrol merely followed in his "ski" paths. Dick passed away some years back, but I had the pleasure of meeting this tall, thin, bearded gentleman. Aloha to all! That's the history I can present to you. Dean Reinking, LPN

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