Ski en Australia - New South Wales

Prévisions de Neige pour Thredbo

Ski en Australia - New South Wales

Prévisions de Neige pour Thredbo


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Jours 0-3 Thredbo Résumé Météo:

Généralement sec. Températures légèrement au dessus de zéro (max 4°C le Jeu matin, min 2°C le Mer après-midi). Vents s'atténuant (vents frais venant de OSO le Mer après-midi, calme le Ven après-midi).

Jours 4-6 Thredbo Résumé Météo:

Saupoudrage de neige fraiche. Conditions de gel-dégel (max 3°C le Sam après-midi, min -5°C le Dim soir). Vents s'atténuant (coups de vent venant de ONO le Dim matin, vents légers venant de OSO le Lun matin).
merjeudi 25vendredi 26samedi 27dimanche 28lundi 29mar
Vents (km/h)
30 WSW30
20 WSW20
15 W15
20 W20
15 W15
10 W10
10 W10
10 NW10
25 NW25
30 NW30
50 NW50
55 WNW55
45 WNW45
35 WNW35
15 WSW15
20 W20
25 W25
35 WNW35
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Carte de Neige
T nsw snow sum25.cc23
T nsw snow sum26.cc23
T nsw snow sum27.cc23
T nsw snow sum28.cc23
T nsw snow sum29.cc23
T nsw snow sum30.cc23
Neige cm
Pluie mm
Max °C
Min °C
Niveau de gel (m)255032002900295024002500265027502700265021501950185015001150120011501350
Thredbo freezing level scale
snowy slopeThredbo freezing level
Lever du soleil--7:03--7:05--7:05--7:05--7:07--7:07
Coucher du soleil5:02--5:01--5:01--5:00--5:00--5:00--

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Commentaires de Visiteurs de Thredbo

Ninel Borka de Australia écrit:

Between 24/06/2013 - 30/06/2013 my family and I had a snow holiday with lift & lessons booked in Thredbo; it was a sour experience, and NOT because of the snow.

My own snowboard got stolen from the rack in front of Friday Flats Bistro & Bar, upon enquiring we found out there is no video surveillance, left my details with the office next to FFB&B and with Jindabyne police, but my hopes are very low. FFB&B had a big electronic board installed that week, probably for more advertising, but they could not afford to install a basic security surveillance camera for the peace of mind of their customers; no wonder Thredbo is ground for thieves; you go to Perisher, you're greeted straight away with "Smile, you're on camera"; Thredbo, disgusting!!

Thredbo was advertised on TV that week, can't remember the channel, but I'll find out, they showed an outdoor swimming pool, full of water, people having fun; the next day we walked along the main street, passed that pool, was empty, looked like was not used for a long time and no soul around; also the same ad showed snow everywhere, people skiing; my family and I were looking at each other and shaking our heads in disgust, we were there and it was no true, but whoever was watching TV would believe it; on one day in Friday Flats where the meeting point was for lessons, the ground was so covered by thick mud the little kids were falling all around; what a way to have your first snow experience as a child! Thredbo, disgustingly deceiving!!

Also, advertised on TV that week was the Eagle's Nest restaurant, with scrumptious meals shown; maybe, we''ve been up there just the day before, about 14:40, the lady at the bar greeted us with "Sorry, the kitchen is closed for today, you could have only beverages", we sat down and then asked the French accent waiter what time does the kitchen close, he told us is 15:30, it should be still opened, he went to check and came back with kitchen is already closed, doesn't know the reason; again, Thredbo, disgusting!!

Also, that week it was a snowboard & ski jumping competition organised for an afternoon, sponsored by big names such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Ootz having their flags in the wind. Once again, big money are thrown at Thredbo for advertising, but a basic, simple surveillance system can't be afforded by Thredbo management!; again, Thredbo, disgusting!!

Thredbo will not see us again! None of our family & friends could believe our experience, and I'm sure their family & friends, and their family & friends, and their family & friends and so on, will hear the story and avoid Thredbo, and never believe what is advertised on TV or any media about Thredbo.

Good luck with the Snowboard With Breakes advertised on TV by the same TV station...maybe some money will go towards a surveillance camera.

Kind regards
One Time Thredbo Tourist

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