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Prévisions de Neige pour Mount Buller

  • Prévisions pour Mount Buller 1590 m altitude émis: 10 am24 Mar 2017 (heure locale)
Ski en Australia - Victoria

Prévisions de Neige pour Mount Buller

AsMount Buller

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Jours 0-3 Mount Buller Résumé Météo:

Pluie modérée (total 10.0mm), plus lourde le Sam matin. Trés doux (max 17°C le Dim après-midi, min 11°C le Ven matin). Vents se fortifiant (calme le Ven matin, vents frais venant du NNO le Ven soir).

Jours 4-6 Mount Buller Résumé Météo:

Pluie modérée (total 13.0mm), plus lourde le Lun soir. Trés doux (max 18°C le Lun après-midi, min 13°C le Lun soir). Vents se fortifiant (vents légers venant de ONO le Lun soir, coups de vent venant du NO le Mer soir).
vendredi 24samedi 25dimanche 26lundi 27mardi 28mercredi 29
Vents (km/h)
5 NNE5
5 N5
25 NNW25
25 NW25
15 W15
15 SW15
10 W10
10 WNW10
20 NW20
40 NNW40
35 NW35
10 N10
5 WNW5
5 WSW5
20 N20
30 NNW30
30 NNW30
50 NNW50
Sommairebeaubeauqq nuageslégère pluielégère pluiebeaubeaubeaubeaubeaurisk thun- deraversesbeaubeaubeaubeaubeaubeau
Carte de Neige
T aus snow sum24.cc23
T aus snow sum25.cc23
T aus snow sum26.cc23
T aus snow sum27.cc23
T aus snow sum28.cc23
T aus snow sum29.cc23
Neige cm
Pluie mm
Max °C
Min °C
Niveau de gel (m)410041004150380038503950420043504600460043504300435043004500450045003950
Mount Buller freezing level scale
snowy slopeMount Buller freezing level
Lever du soleil7:20--7:20--7:20--7:22--7:22--7:24--
Coucher du soleil-7:20--7:19--7:16--7:15--7:14--7:13-

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Commentaires de Visiteurs de Mount Buller

Mark de Australia écrit:

Just got back from a weekend trip to Mt Buller. Flew all the way from Perth for it. Bought a 2 day lift pass and hired equipment for both days on the day of arrival. First day was ok and snow conditions were good albeit no where near as good as Europe. On the second day ALL the lifts bar one were closed. This did not show on the Mt Buller iPhone app, the snow report or the info screens in the village. These were all still showing as 90% open. Even the gate to the resort at the bottom of the hill only said 2 lifts were closed due to wind. This meant that you have to pay $40 to get in and make your way all the way to the top before seeing that there is actually nothing you can do.

Add to this that they refused to refund the second days lift pass even though no facilities were available. I find this absolutly appalling! If a sports event or music concert is rained out refunds are given as you have not gotten what you paid for. I see no reason why the same policy does not apply for a ski resort. In Europe, if a certain percentage of the lifts are not open due to weather (happens very seldom) refunds are provided to people who have bought tickets in advance! Given the overall cost of boarding/skiing at Buller you soon realise that beyond the cost of the flight to Europe you can actually buy a 6 day pass and hire equipment for the same time at less of a cost than what they charge for 2 days. I have, on 3 occasions, boarded in the French Alps for around 600 GBP for 6 days and that included the return trip to London. I paid over $1000 to fly from Perth to Melbourne and go to Buller for 2 days boarding and then only got 1 day actually on the slopes.

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