Shymbulak Resort Guide

The Shymbulak resort summary is: Shymbulak has 5 lifts within its 40 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for intermediate level. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 943m of vertical range and surrounding area.

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Shymbulak Resort Guide

The Shymbulak resort summary is: Shymbulak has 5 lifts within its 40 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for intermediate level. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 943m of vertical range and surrounding area.

Vertical :

Sommet : 3163m
Pied : 2220m

Meilleure pour :

Niveau intermédiaire skieur de niveau
Niveau intermédiaire


Hectares de ski :

Fabrication de neige : —

Shymbulak Remontées :

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Remontées totales = 5
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Shymbulak Caractéristiques

Le terrain de Shymbulak inclut ::

  • Halfpipes
  • Snowpark
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À quoi ressemble la station Shymbulak ?

Chimbulak, in Kazakstan, is a small ski resort with 5 ski lifts (4 chair lifts, 1 surface lift) but it does boast a very impressive 943 metres (3094 feet) of vertical descent. Chimbulak has 99 acres of terrain over 8 pistes with a total length of 15 kilometers (9 miles). We have no information about the existence of any cross country ski trails at Chimbulak. The nearest airport is at Almaty. The hotel at the Chimbulak resort is right on the piste and rooms start at 10,000T (approx:70 USD). The hotel has a reasonably priced bar and restaurant, local beer is 500T for a large one and you can get a meal for 2000T.

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Shymbulak météo en direct

Complexe touristiqueProfondeur de NeigeTemp. (°C)Vent (km/h)Météo
Remontée au sommet: 
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Remontée intermédiaire: 
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Quel est le mois le plus enneigé pour aller à Shymbulak ?

avrilMoyenne: 4.6 jours de neige par semaine
La semaine la plus enneigée à Shymbulak est la semaine 1 de avril. Il y a généralement 4.6 jours de neige cette semaine avec une épaisseur de 37cm . Consultez les graphiques de l’historique de la neige à Shymbulak ci-dessous.

Commentaires de Visiteurs de Shymbulak

Globalement: 3.4 Basé sur 16 votes et 7 commentaires

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rd de United Arab Emirates écrit:

I went to Shymbulak hopeful to enjoy some good skiing, I was so disappointed. Here is a list of my experiences shorted to bullet points;

-resort ski rental equipment is out-dated and damaged
-check all equipment before renting as you will be charged if it breaks (most skis have been snapped and repaired, some even have screws in them)
-I rejected 5 pairs of skis before finally settling on a terrible pair and they were two different skis grouped together as a pair
-rental staff are terrible and extremely rude and not interested to help you
-rental system is confusing and disorganised
-no touring or off-piste skis available
-locker facility is great; you will need it
-rental and ski pass is cheap
-2 chairs open in 3rd week in Feb! After skiing from top to bottom over and over and over again it became boring
-despite lack of runs to ski there was a nice run reserved for race training, which is fair enough as the resort was very quiet mid-week.
-resort restaurants are very good. I tried many and the food was good in all of them
-resort toilets facilities are very clean but don’t try using the bathrooms in Medeo. They are down 4 (could be more) flights of concrete stairs hidden in a car park. Then there are only 2 dirty cubicles! If you can hold it for 40 minutes best wait till you get off the gondola.
-taxis, taxis, taxis......... OMG! Basically there aren’t any. You finish your days skiing then look for a taxi back to Almaty. No. If you are lucky you will find one, if not you need to wait in the cold, take the bus, or pay someone to take you back who is there with a car, I also tried calling my hotel to ask them to arrange a ‘city’ car. They did but it picked up someone else. Basically, no transport infrastructure in place other than the bus.

In short; I liked Shymbulak a lot and it has real potential as a ski destination for UAE residents alike when it offers a superior service and product. Damaged equipment, a lack of organisation, friendly staff and no way to get home are all deal breakers for me. I won’t go back unless it’s a private ski tour or climb which doesn’t require Shymbulak’s services.

Contrary to Shymbulak, the surrounding areas are fantastic for climbers. So much to offer. And, Almaty itself is a great city. I will be returning later this year; just a shame I won’t be skiing.

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