Ski en Japan - Nagano

Guide de la Station de Ski Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama

Ski en Japan - Nagano

Guide de la Station de Ski Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama

JaShiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama

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Guide de la Station de Ski Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama (Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama)

Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama photo

Statistiques de Descentes

  • 2009m

  • 460m

  • 1549m

  • Hectares de piste:213
  • Pistes:18
  • Canons à neige:Yes
  • Halfpipes:No
  • Snowpark:-
  • Ski de fond:-
  • Débutant35%
  • Moyen45%
  • Avancé20%

Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama is one of 19 areas in the Shiga Kogen group located in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan. It is a medium size resort with 6 lifts that offers skiers a respectable 450 metres (1510 feet) of vertical descent. Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama has 213 acres of terrain providing 18 pistes and was the site of the Alpine ski and snowboard competitions during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. All of the Shiga Kogen areas are covered under one lift pass to create Japan’s largest ski area. Yakebitaiyama is best suited to intermediate skiers and snowboarders, but there is terrain for beginners and advanced skiers as well. Yakebitaiyama keeps a well-maintained terrain park with numerous features to keep freestyle riders satisfied. A backcountry tour guide company operates out of Prince Hotels offering access to incredible terrain in Shiga Kogen and neighbouring mountains. Japan’s famous snow monkeys that can be seen bathing in hot springs are just a short drive or bus tour away. The nearest international airport is Narita (Tokyo) and the nearest train station is Nagano (where a bus then accesses the ski fields). Ski-in ski-out accommodation is offered by Prince Hotels.


  • Aéroport le plus proche:Narita (Tokyo)
  • Gare la plus proche:Nagano
  • Tél. Office de Tourisme:0269-34-3111
  • Site Officiel du
  • Hébergement en bord de piste:oui
  •   7
  •   1

Remontées mécaniques

  • Ouverture de la saison:
  • Fermeture de la saison:
  • Lifts:6 chair lifts
  •   2
  •   6

Annonces & Nouvelles du directeur de Station de Shiga Kogen-Yakebitaiyama

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First Tracks is offered every Saturday and Sunday, allowing skiers to get up on the mountain at 7:30am to enjoy the runs before the crowds form.

Informations fournies 18 Jun 2010

Dernier Bulletin de Neigevoir bulletin de neige complet

  • émis:20 Jan
  • Dernière Chute de Neige:
  • Profondeur de Neige (supérieure):
  • Profondeur de Neige (inférieure):
  • Piste:-
  • Hors-Piste:-

Météo d'Aujourd'hui (1778 m)voir prévision de neige complète

10 NNW10
-4 °CNiveau-Gel
10 NW10
-6 °CNiveau-Gel
10 WNW10
-6 °CNiveau-Gel

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